I can’t cover everything that we have in class but I wanted to post the instructions in case you don’t have the handouts that I gave everyone whom attended.

Hand-piecing a 3 block table runner

Start with 2 colors of fabric, one light and one dark.

Press fabric

Put fabric right sides together

Cut 4 ½” strip (you might need more then one strip depending on the size of your fabric) and 5” strip (I used 2 strips)

From the 4 ½” strip cut 6 – 4 ½” blocks you will also need more light and dark pieces cut, if you choose to go the same as my blocks that you are seeing you will need an additional 3 sets (light & dark) cut and 1 additional dark)

9-patch block

Take 3 sets and sew one side of each set. (1/4″ seam allowance and double stitch a 1/4″ from each end) Finger press them open. Flip them so you have (if you are doing dark & light like mine, I used a total of 5 dark and 4 light for the block), dark and light, next row light and dark, last row dark and light. 1st row add a dark block to the right side of the light block and sew. Middle row (2nd row) add a light block to the right side of the dark block and sew, last row (3rd row) add a dark block to the right side of the light block and sew. Now you have 3 strips of blocks. Place the middle row of strips face down on the 1st row of block. Match the seams and sew straight across. Finger press open then place the 3rd row face down onto the middle row and sew.

For the last 2 blocks you will need to make the half square triangles, before piecing the blocks.

Mark on the light side with a mechanical pencil (.7mm) & your quilters quarter ruler

From the 5” strip cut 4 – 5” block. Use the quilters quarter and mark each side of the ruler and the center. Stitch both the solid lines with double stitches ¼” from the ends. Cut down the center. Finger press open with the seam going to the darker side. Square up (trim) to 4 ½”.

After cutting, press open each one and trim to 4 1/2"

Now you have all the pieces ready for your other 2 blocks. Half-squares and full-square pieces.

Completed Shoo Fly Block

Shoofly or Hole in a Barn Door or Snowball block

  • Make two strips by piecing two half-squares with one light square.
  • Make one strip by piecing two light squares with one dark square.
  • Piece the three strips together to form the finished Shoo Fly block.

Or you can switch the layout so the finished block will look like this .

Hole in Barn Door Block

It is called either a Hole in a Barn Door or a Snowball I. To make a Snowball II change the center block to a light instead of dark.

Friendship Star Block

Take the last 4 of half-squares, 4 dark squares (for the corners) and 1 light square (for the center)

Piece the 3 strips as pictures

Here are my blocks that I’ve been working on. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the others will look like. Hopefully some will have theirs done in July.

9 patch block

Shoofly block

Frienship Star block