Next meeting will be Tuesday, December 5, 2017 in the West Community Room at Joplin Public Library, 5:30pm – 8:00pm or any part of that time you can make it.

This meeting will be different than any we have had before. Bring a prepared dish and our “white elephant” night. We are not assigning desserts, casseroles…. It is whatever you want to bring for us to nibble on. We do not have a stove/oven but we do have a sink. I will provide paper plates and utensils for us to eat with. Please bring your serving utensil. I have not decided what I am bringing yet.

I know December is a busy month with everyone getting ready. Come join us to relax for an evening, for a nibble and fun. Can’t wait to hear what all of you are trying to get done for the holidays.

It was exciting to find out our thermostat worked for a change and we neither froze or sweated in the meeting room. 😀

We have come up some several class projects for next year and I will try to figure out what month will be which one by our December meeting. I know we are having a class on January 2nd. I will make a new post and post a picture of it so you have time to gather your supplies.

You are always welcome to BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) that you are working on. Plus bring any of your projects you would like to for Show n Tell.

Each month I will edit this post to show the next meeting so please check this blog page monthly.