Our next Zoom session will be Monday – July 20, 2020 at 6:30 pm. Hope everyone has time to eat dinner. It will be about 40 minutes long so it won’t run. Hopefully we will have some others be able to join us, since it is in the evening. It is the 3rd Monday in July, which for those that have come for years remember when we used to meet that time of the month.

I am going to try to use my laptop instead of my tablet so you will get a peak at my office at the library. Last Zoom I was at home and you got to see part of my wall in my living room. If you have any questions on how to Zoom, please comment and I will try to help you before the Monday Zooming.

The Library will be closed on Fri, July 3rd and Sat, July 4th. How many would be able to to try out Zooming for about 30 minutes on Friday, July 3rd? We could do a few different sessions at different times so everyone would have a chance to try. That way if you have issues we can work out the kinks then before a night meeting.

I would like to have a night meeting later in July. Have not gotten much feedback yet to see how many will be able to do it. Feel free to comment. I approve the comments but am trying to check here daily during the week.

Trust me you would not want to see some of the Sales comments that have attempted to comment here.

Since we can’t comment on our JPL Chat n Craft webpage on our JPL website, I am resurrecting our old CnC blog so everyone can comment here. I need your feedback on what you would like to do while we do not have our meeting rooms open.

I have heard from a few of you about missing our monthly meetings so I have been trying to see what I can come up with.

Does everyone know how to Zoom?

Did you check out our JPL Chat n Craft webpage for the pattern for the Blossom Stitch washcloth?

I am thinking we could post a pattern and youtube video for us to try something and then Zoom on a specific day so we can see how everyone is coming along and all pitch in to help if someone is stuck. Plus our Show n Tell’s of course. I will have to learn how to get pictures off of Zoom so we can get our pictures on JPL CnC website.

I have no idea when we will be able to open the meeting rooms again. Especially since we are seeing drastically increasing covid numbers this month. We need to have some fun times to look forward to.

Let me know what ideas and what you think on here.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, August 7, 2018 in a different meeting room than normal at Joplin Public Library, 5:30pm – 8:00pm or any part of that time you can make it. We will be in Conference Room 1, which is at the far end of the cafe area.

We are having a BYOP for this meeting. I will have a handout with some pictures about next month’s class which will be Book Folding Art. More information at our meeting.

You are always welcome to BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) that you are working on even on months we are having a class. Plus bring any of your projects you would like to for Show n Tell.

Each month I will edit this post to show the next meeting so please check this blog page monthly.

It is that time of year when we post what our classes are going to be for the new year. This year is going to be different in that we will be moving into our new building sometime in the spring. We are scheduling the Grand Opening for the new building for June 3, 2017.  With the hopes that weather will be nice to us and allow the completion of the building on time.

That means we will be starting the classes in our current building, 300 S Main St and then sometime in the spring be having our classes in the new building. This might mean that we have to switch a class for a month or two but will be posting on this blog and emailing the group as necessary. We do not want someone showing up at the old building if we are in the new building.

January’s class will be Crochet Pooling – supplies you need to bring – one skein of variegated yarn and a few crochet hooks so you will have the right size to get the look you are going for (G, H, I)

March’s class will be a crocheted corner2corner pillow.

May’s class will be a beading project, more details to come. I still need to talk to the teacher about this one.

August’s class will be making a mesh wreath.

September’s class – vintage button bracelet, start looking through your button collection and find one or a few that you would love to turn into a bracelet.

Supplies for each class will be coming. I will post them here and on the Meeting blog page so you know what to bring.

You are always welcome to bring your own project (BYOP) any month and the months between classes everyone will be bringing something to work on. This year I do not know how many handouts I will be able to get together before each class but hope to have at least one besides the class project handout.

Hope to see all of you this year.


Joplin Public Library




You will need to come to the monthly meetings to pick up the handout and see the demo of the stitches for that month.

Here is the initial instructions so you know about how much yarn you will need:

This was a 10 week course by but I have changed it to monthly because we only meet once a month. I know that you will have other projects you are working on during the year. I suggest you find a bag large enough to keep all your yarn and your project as you work on it. That way you can bring it to our Chat n Craft meetings every month. ;D

At the beginning of each monthly meeting (5:30-6:30) I will have a handout of that month’s instructions and I will have worked some of mine myself, so you can see what you will be doing. I suggest you bring your own and work on the first block or two during the meeting. Then whatever else is scheduled for our meeting will start at 6:30. I will put mine over on a side table during the rest of the meeting so those that have to come in late will have a chance to see what theirs will look like.

For this first month, most of you will not have your colors picked out yet. I mentioned that you would need 4 colors but did not tell you how much of each. I can tell you that I used what I had for the one I did, but I had some of those huge balls of yarn for my main color, which is A.

Here are several of the color combinations that suggested, plus one set that was the colors I used for my mystery and one set is the colors I have chosen this time. I am not giving the exact names so you can choose your shades of what you like.

A – White, B – Yellow, C – Green, D – Orange

A – Black, B – Grey, C – Brown, D – Cream

A – Blue, B – Cream, C – Grey, D – Dark Grey

A – Beige, B – Gold, C – Cream, D – Blue

A – Purple, B – Red, C – Peach, D – Bone

A – Black, B – Blue, C – Green, D – Cream

A – Dark Grey, B – Red, C – Blue, D – Light Grey

You will need a total of oz/yards for each one:

A – 24 oz/1,260 yards     B, C & D – 12 oz/630 yards each color

I also suggest you write down what each color is going to be. That will be helpful later on.

The first month you will be making 20 blocks. It will go quicker then you think. You get faster as you repeat the same stitches on each block. You want to obtain the proper gauge so you should do a test with the H hook and see if you should use a different size hook. I tend to crochet tight so I had to choose a larger hook size.

Remember we are meeting the first Tuesday of every month at JPL in the Large Meeting Room. See you there.

Chat N Craft 2015

January 19th – BYOP (Bring Your Own Project)

February 16th – Arm Knitting – you will need to bring some chunky yarn.

March 16th – BYOP

April 20th – Quilting Basics

May 18th – BYOP

June 15th – Knit Dishcloth

July 20th – BYOP

August 17th – Tunisian Crochet – you will need to bring a long afghan hook and some light colored yarn

September 21th – BYOP

October 19th – Crochet Dishcloth

November 16th – BYOP & discuss ideas for classes for 2016. If there is something specific you want to learn, make sure you attend and bring a picture if you can.

December 14th – White Elephant trade – it’s the 2nd Monday instead of our normal 3rd Monday, bring anything that you have that you are not going to use, like a kit you started but don’t want to do, some yarn that you no longer want to use, some fabric that just does not go with your stash…..

I have had a few requests asking about what we are doing this year. Even though this is after our April meeting, I am going to post the whole year that is on our bookmarks we give out to members that come to our meetings.

January – Bring Your Own Project

February – Miniature Needle Felting

March – Bring Your Own Project

April – Mosaic Knitting

May – Bring Your Own Project

June – Paracord Braiding/Macrame

July – Bring Your Own Project

August – Viking Knitting

September – Bring Your Own Project

October – Bavarian Crochet

November – Bring Your Own Project

December – meets on the 2nd Monday – White Elephant trade

Since I have had several requests about when is what. Here they are for the 2013 year: (All meetings are the 3rd Monday of the month except December)

February – Organize your space – Homework assignment for the year is to organize some craft space and bring in pictures of before and after.

March – Bring Your Own Project – anything you can work on while talking and laughing with the others.

April – Crab Crochet Stitch – (this picture is from – just bring some yarn and a crochet hook (light color yarn is usually easier to learn a new stitch with).

(picture from

May – Knooking – (I bought my kit from Hobby Lobby, I will post on the monthly meeting if we find somewhere else to at least get the hooks from) – it’s crocheting that looks like knitting

June – Locker Hooking – you can use the same type of hook that you use for Knooking

July – Bring Your Own Project – anything you can work on while talking and laughing with the others.

August – Edging – various techniques by a few of our wonderful and talented ladies

September – Bring Your Own Project – anything you can work on while talking and laughing with the others.

October – Loom Knitting – They are big plastic round and rectangle shapes with those posts on them to hold the yarn

(picture from

November – Bring Your Own Project – anything you can work on while talking and laughing with the others.

December – meet the 2nd Monday of the month (December 9th, 2013) – White Elephant trade – Bring anything crafty you already own that you know you are not going to use. We have had open craft kits, craft books, leftover and unused skeins of yarn and much more over the years.

I will try to have the new bookmarks completed by the December 2011 meeting. Look for them in the library on the bookmark wall (end of the magazine racks).

For those of you that don’t have a bookmark and want to see what the monthly schedule is for 2012:

January 16th – Bring your own project to work on

February 20th – Needle Felting

March 19th – Bring your own project

April 16th – Crochet Entrelac

May 21st – Knitting Entrelac

June 18th – Double Knitting

July 16th – Bring your own project

August 20th – Crocheted tree skirt, multiple patterns will be given out in July so you can make a choice of what to work on in August.

September 17th – Bring your own project

October 15th – Crochet Crocodile Stitch


November 19th – Bring your own project AND plan classes for 2013

December 10th – meets the 2nd Monday, bring your own project AND stuff for the White Elephant Exchange

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