I will edit this post with more details after I have talked with the teachers a bit more.

February – Miniature Needle Felting – we will have some supplies on hand so you can see and try. Our teacher will demonstrate how she has done some of her pieces.

April – Mosaic Knitting

June – Paracord Braiding and Macrame

August – Viking Knitting

October – Bavarian Crochet

I will try to have the new bookmarks completed by the December 2011 meeting. Look for them in the library on the bookmark wall (end of the magazine racks).

For those of you that don’t have a bookmark and want to see what the monthly schedule is for 2012:

January 16th – Bring your own project to work on

February 20th – Needle Felting

March 19th – Bring your own project

April 16th – Crochet Entrelac

May 21st – Knitting Entrelac

June 18th – Double Knitting

July 16th – Bring your own project

August 20th – Crocheted tree skirt, multiple patterns will be given out in July so you can make a choice of what to work on in August.

September 17th – Bring your own project

October 15th – Crochet Crocodile Stitch


November 19th – Bring your own project AND plan classes for 2013

December 10th – meets the 2nd Monday, bring your own project AND stuff for the White Elephant Exchange

Yes, you read that right. That is the month we will have the Large display to show everyone what our Chat n Craft group have been working on for the past year. So ladies get busy completing some of those projects you’ve been bringing to CnC meetings. Go check out our November 2008 display to see what has been shown before.

We usually have a lot of fun at our monthly meetings. I sometimes wonder what others think of all the laughing that is going on inside the library meeting room. July was no exception as far as the laughter goes.

What was unusual was that someone had donated to the library lots of bags of yarn. And I mean LOTS. Trashbag size.  Many bags. The teen knitting group that meets at the library on Thursdays had gone through and nicely organized the yarn and picked out some for themselves, the previous week.

At the beginning of the meeting I told them I was going to bring in some yarn for the the group to go through. It took well over an hour for everyone to have a chance to get through the yarn and make their selections.

Just a few of the ladies on the floor in the library meeting room

Just a few of the ladies on the floor in the library meeting room

It was nice to hear that some were going to make some items that they will donate to help others. Kind of a pay it forward. Possibly baby afghans for the hospitals, who knows what else these talented ladies will come up with.

A few of the ladies had already left by the time I went to get my camera but the rest agreed to line up for a picture if I would not post full body shots of them crawling around on the floor. It seems most of us are not fond of our behinds.

Cathy, Debbie, Debbie, Shelly, Ocean, Angie and Janice with their yarn selections from the huges stash of yarn that was donated to the library

Cathy, Debbie, Debbie, Shelly, Ocean, Angie and Janice with their yarn selections from the huges stash of yarn that was donated to the library

Partly what amazed us was so much was donated and they were expensive yarns. There were lots of different types that we had never tried knitting or crocheting with. It will be exciting to see what the ladies do with some of them. I will be glad to post some pictures of the ones they bring to the upcoming meetings. Maybe some of them will post comments of their projects they are going to be working on from some of this yarn.

Missing Melissa emailed me that she has not been able to come to our CnC because of her bf change in shifts, but she is hoping to make it back soon.

She has sent a couple pictures of some recently finished projects and the last one is the one she is currently working on:

I’m wondering how long does it take to do some of this beautiful work?

Yarns and....

Yarns and....

We were lucky enough to have Lorene Van Buren from the Yarn Basket in Pittsburg, KS to bring some of her luxurious yarns and lots of projects she has completed for our Show n Tell. You should have been there. Here are some of what you missed. There is no way I can describe how the yarns felt. Wool that was similar to silk. Linen yarns (I didn’t even knew existed). Just to feel them was an eye opening experience.

Small projects, some 3D

Small projects, some 3D

Some of the smaller projects had a to be looked at from different angles to be able to see the hidden pictures in them. Love all the different color combinations and yarn types. Way more variety then we normally see in the Joplin stores.

Can’t wait until a field trip to see what else she has in her shop. Have you been there yet?

Yarn Basket, 703 N Broadway St
Pittsburg, KS
Her phone : (620)-235-1152

Check out her blog for her hours and more:


Black Shawl

Black Shawl

Just look at this shawl and how it drapes. Wish you could have felt it when she passed it around. So many of the yarns and projects just felt sooo soft. No matter if it was crocheted or knitted.

Do you want to see a close up of this shawl…just keep reading and looking.

Close up of the black shawl

Close up of the black shawl

Thanks Lorene for modeling all of your wonderful projects. And then passing them around so each of us could feel the various types of yarn and get a close up look.

So many choices and so many colors where would a person start! I’m wondering how many that were at this meeting have made it over to the shop yet and how could you possibly make a choice of what project to do with what yarn.

Do you want to see it in red?

Do you want to see it in red?

This red looks pretty festive, don’t you think?

How about a different style and color?

How about a different style and color?

What do you think of this?

What do you think of this?

This is going to be exciting to see what the group comes up with. I’m looking forward to see what new URLs they will find that we can all benefit from checking out. All the ideas and show n tells to see. Woohoo!!!