We had several of the Mystery Crochet Afghan blocks this month plus some projects that are work in progress as well as some completed items. I am excited to see how everyone is progressing and hope next month more will be able to bring theirs.


We have several doing the Mystery Crochet Afghan at home with us and this month you get to see some that have been able to come to the meetings. Including some that are working on the next months which is joining the squares together.

You can also see some of the other projects some are working on.

baby afghan Mystery Crochet Afghan crabby mystery crochet afghan mystery crochet afghan coaster jellyfish



Yes I am finally getting a moment to upload some pictures so those that could not make it can see some of the wonderful Show n Tell we have had at the meetings.

We got to see a HUGE doll house among some of the other Show n Tell. We had a few members that had not been with us for a few months. Christmas time can be rather busy for most of us. You will see some of the above craft projects again when they are completed.

It is always nice to see members come to laugh, tell stories and work on our craft projects. One member could not be at the meeting but wants to stay up on mystery crochet afghan so I met her at a sports bar. I am pretty sure they have never had a couple of crocheting ladies there before.


You will need to come to the monthly meetings to pick up the handout and see the demo of the stitches for that month.

Here is the initial instructions so you know about how much yarn you will need:

This was a 10 week course by Yarnspirations.com but I have changed it to monthly because we only meet once a month. I know that you will have other projects you are working on during the year. I suggest you find a bag large enough to keep all your yarn and your project as you work on it. That way you can bring it to our Chat n Craft meetings every month. ;D

At the beginning of each monthly meeting (5:30-6:30) I will have a handout of that month’s instructions and I will have worked some of mine myself, so you can see what you will be doing. I suggest you bring your own and work on the first block or two during the meeting. Then whatever else is scheduled for our meeting will start at 6:30. I will put mine over on a side table during the rest of the meeting so those that have to come in late will have a chance to see what theirs will look like.

For this first month, most of you will not have your colors picked out yet. I mentioned that you would need 4 colors but did not tell you how much of each. I can tell you that I used what I had for the one I did, but I had some of those huge balls of yarn for my main color, which is A.

Here are several of the color combinations that Yarnspirations.com suggested, plus one set that was the colors I used for my mystery and one set is the colors I have chosen this time. I am not giving the exact names so you can choose your shades of what you like.

A – White, B – Yellow, C – Green, D – Orange

A – Black, B – Grey, C – Brown, D – Cream

A – Blue, B – Cream, C – Grey, D – Dark Grey

A – Beige, B – Gold, C – Cream, D – Blue

A – Purple, B – Red, C – Peach, D – Bone

A – Black, B – Blue, C – Green, D – Cream

A – Dark Grey, B – Red, C – Blue, D – Light Grey

You will need a total of oz/yards for each one:

A – 24 oz/1,260 yards     B, C & D – 12 oz/630 yards each color

I also suggest you write down what each color is going to be. That will be helpful later on.

The first month you will be making 20 blocks. It will go quicker then you think. You get faster as you repeat the same stitches on each block. You want to obtain the proper gauge so you should do a test with the H hook and see if you should use a different size hook. I tend to crochet tight so I had to choose a larger hook size.

Remember we are meeting the first Tuesday of every month at JPL in the Large Meeting Room. See you there.

This past year and this year are pretty busy. I am behind in everything work related, including this blog. Since the contract has been awarded for the new building and construction is beginning this month, I am hoping I can play catch up. To start the new year I thought I would post all the Show n Tell pictures that have been taken over several months this past fall and late summer meetings.

It amazes me all the variety of homemade items. Yes, including the banjo, baby doll purse (you have to look for the purse when it is open), so many to mention. Below are several items that have two pictures about them. Enjoy




100_3738I can’t believe after all this talk about the new building that the groundbreaking has already happened this past September and we can drive by and seem work being done. We should be able to move in the spring of 2017. (I would not want to move in the winter anyway.)

We hopefully be able to have pictures and/or video of the going up of the building on our website. Check the new building page for updates.

As part of 2016 we are making changes to our Chat n Craft meeting. The major one being the night we meet on. We have had several members let me know that they could no longer come on the Monday we met. Some did not remember we changed the Monday in December because all of us were working on Christmas gifts and were busy getting ready for this Merry time of year.

I emailed the group and asked for their input and checked the Library calendar to find a night that would work. Hopefully the 1st Tuesday of every month will allow more of our blog followers and Chat n Craft members to attend the meetings.

Since I did not hear back about many classes they would like to see for this year, I thought a mystery crochet afghan would be fun for us to see what colors we are choosing and how it turns out. We normally have 6 classes a year. We will still have some classes. With me figuring out how to make the handouts for the afghan, I am running out of time to figure out that many classes so I can post them for you this month.

I hope to see some of the popular coloring pages being worked on during our meetings. One or two meetings will be on quilting. I will have several quilted throws, quillows and might even bring in some of my other quilts for a mini quilt show. If others are interested in bringing in their quilts let me know and we will firm up which months this is going to happen. I am leaning towards early summer at this time.

January will be the first of the mystery crochet afghan. Start thinking about the 4 colors that would look good together. Handouts will give you more info and I will demo the stitch.

Plus in January besides your other Show n Tell, please bring your favorite crafting tool. Anything for any type of craft. We will go around room to find out what your favorite tool is.

Like one of our members said, we should call our meeting – Chat, Craft & Laugh. We do have a lot of fun.