It is that time of year when we post what our classes are going to be for the new year. This year is going to be different in that we will be moving into our new building sometime in the spring. We are scheduling the Grand Opening for the new building for June 3, 2017.  With the hopes that weather will be nice to us and allow the completion of the building on time.

That means we will be starting the classes in our current building, 300 S Main St and then sometime in the spring be having our classes in the new building. This might mean that we have to switch a class for a month or two but will be posting on this blog and emailing the group as necessary. We do not want someone showing up at the old building if we are in the new building.

January’s class will be Crochet Pooling – supplies you need to bring – one skein of variegated yarn and a few crochet hooks so you will have the right size to get the look you are going for (G, H, I)

March’s class will be a crocheted corner2corner pillow.

May’s class will be a beading project, more details to come. I still need to talk to the teacher about this one.

August’s class will be making a mesh wreath.

September’s class – vintage button bracelet, start looking through your button collection and find one or a few that you would love to turn into a bracelet.

Supplies for each class will be coming. I will post them here and on the Meeting blog page so you know what to bring.

You are always welcome to bring your own project (BYOP) any month and the months between classes everyone will be bringing something to work on. This year I do not know how many handouts I will be able to get together before each class but hope to have at least one besides the class project handout.

Hope to see all of you this year.


Joplin Public Library




These are the pictures of items brought to our last 3 meetings. Pictures can not show all the detail of their beautiful work. You do see several of the mystery crochet afghans that were worked on this past year. 2017 we will bring back every other month classes. Look for the blog post for the classes to see if there is one you can’t wait to do.


It was nice to be able to spread out while we worked on our projects. Several of the ladies brought some of the recently completed projects too. Enjoy!

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We had several of the Mystery Crochet Afghan blocks this month plus some projects that are work in progress as well as some completed items. I am excited to see how everyone is progressing and hope next month more will be able to bring theirs.

We had a wonderful time and learned a lot about making jewelry. Personally, I learned I liked to work with wire when making jewelry instead of string, my only other experience. We even had a drawing to win a pair of earrings. Which young Payton won.

I was amazed and grateful that 12 ladies made it out in the storm and came to class. Next month will be the tatting class. Check the Meeting blog for more info.

In our gallery of pictures for this month you will see Charis moving so fast to help all of us that she is a blur, I didn’t get a picture of everyone but you can see we were busy.

I only took 3 pictures of some of the projects from that evening. 2 are completed and 1 is still being worked on.

Some of the ladies (at least one) helped Ocean with the beading on her dress.

Ocean in the dress she has been working on for the Pow Wows

Ocean in the dress she has been working on for the Pow Wows

We saw some of the beading before they were sewn on the dress. Notice she even did some beading for her hair and moccasins.

Lorene brought a blue version of this baby afghan. We had seen a red version of it at a previous meeting.

Lorene's blue version, check her blog for more information

Lorene's blue version, check her blog for more information

Can  you guess what this adorable little critter is? He doesn’t have his loonnng arms yet. (That’s a clue.) Debbie is still working on him.

Another clue - orangu...

Another clue - orangu...

We had a couple of new members last night and can’t wait to see some of their other projects. It amazes me all the work that these ladies can do. Excuse me, we have had a couple of gentlemen come a time or too to learn a new stitch or two. It’s mostly ladies that come regularly. Thanks for the laughs and good times, I look forward to it every month.