This was our first needle tatting class. I brought samples of what I have learned about different thread sizes and needle sizes.

Thread size 80, 20 and 10, all four needle sizes

Thread size 80, 20 and 10, all four needle sizes

Those that wanted to practice on how easy it was to learn needle tatting were able to, though we had to share tatting needles. Lorene has found a supplier she can get tatting needles from, visit her blog to see when she gets them in.

I forgot to get some pictures of Angie’s relative’s tatting and they were beautiful work too. So I’ve put two pictures of some tatting I found that was made in 1919.

Now I know you are looking forward to see what some of the ladies brought for show n tell check it out:

Ravelry – Unraveled – — they are a knitting AND crochet community. Shelly and Lee have signed up and will check out their website for the features. We’ll get back to you.

Ravelry claims they can –

Organize your projects, stash, needles, and more.

share – Show off your work. Share your ideas and techniques.

discover – Find new designs & yarns. Make friends. Try new things.