This year has been crazy with us moving to our new building. Since my normal job at the library is IT (technology) this has been an extremely busy year. I am very thankful for our regular Chat n Crafters. Planning for the meetings have been a great stress reliever for me. The new building has some issues, that I have been told is normal for a new building, but the kinks are being worked out.

I am sure there is a bunch more items that are being worked on by our group (there are a bunch of us that can not make it to the meetings every month) the following are the items that were being worked on or brought to the last two meetings we have had.

Yes, I know, where does the time fly by. It’s the end of June and I have not posted any Show n Tell for the last to months. Unfortunately I have not taken pictures of everything that was brought. If you were at one of those meetings you would have seen more then what I am able to post here.

We have some wonderful examples of Mosaic Knitting make by one of our members who went around and helped everyone with tips and tricks on how to do it. Thanks Lorene

Below are 4 of her samples and the yellow is closeups of front and back and from side views.

100_0679x 100_0680x 100_0681x 100_0689x 100_0690x

Here are what some of the others brought:

It was a wide assortment of projects. Some of these are presents for some lucky individuals. We even have one that is a hint for one of classes next year. Glad we were able to have so many attend and give us ideas for next years classes. I am still working on which six they will be.

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It feels like winter today, probably won’t tomorrow. That is Missouri for you. Don’t like the weather, just wait a day or two. Though I would rather have snow then ice any day.

What a wonderful variety of Show n Tell we had this month. Just take a look

babybooties cancozy crochet baby afghan crochet bedspread crochet curly scarf and half towel crochet granny squares crochethalfcloth dragon embroidery fabric letters Game player holder and scarf Game player holder outside glovesdishcloth

Can you guess what this is?

Can you guess what this is?

guesswho knitting needlpoint latchhook manpurse quilting antique blocks hand quilted quilting handpieced strip quilting scarfdishcloth