These are the pictures of items brought to our last 3 meetings. Pictures can not show all the detail of their beautiful work. You do see several of the mystery crochet afghans that were worked on this past year. 2017 we will bring back every other month classes. Look for the blog post for the classes to see if there is one you can’t wait to do.


We have several members let me know that they could not be there. I have handed out several patterns from previous months of other members that have had to miss. Hope everyone is enjoying some relaxing handwork of some kind. I know several that are working on Christmas presents and having some fond memories of those they are making them for. This year has been crazy busy for me and unfortunately have not worked on some of the projects that I was hoping to. On the plus side, I have not added any UFOs to my list this year. 😀

Does anyone know what this animal is?  I do! I do!

A few members missed the meeting because we move the December meeting a week earlier then our normal 3rd Monday meeting. But for the 15 that were able to come, the white elephant trade was amazing. I am always surprised with what you ladies have brought. I was able to get some wonderful items to add to my home. Apparently homemade items are getting very popular. Trying to get supplies to complete my Christmas presents this year has become challenging. Even trying to order online, I found lots of backordered items. Here is just a sampling of what the ladies have been working on to get ready for Christmas, oh, I finally got the leaves put on the strawberry hat that every saw from our Crocodile stitch class:

strawberryhatwithleaves   loomhats3 loomhats2 loomhats loom&loomhats knittedbabyhats crochetedscarfMarioingrannysquares