By Ingrid Nickols from Loops – a yarn store

In case you misplaced your pattern here are the directions with notes in (Italics):

Yarn: Karabella Margritte Bulky* – 8 skeins (80 yards per skein) or any yarn you would like and you will need 640 yards of it.

Needles: #10.5 straight or circular

Buttons: 3 (Don’t buy your buttons until after making the wrap so you can get the correct size button for your opening, they thought you would need 2.5″ buttons)

Finished Measurements: 58″ long x 19″ wide

Method: Cast on 75 stitches

Work in SS (knit on front side, purl on back side) until wrap is 8.5″ long, ending with a WS (purl side) row, ready to work a knit row. For a neater edge, slip the first and last stitches of each knit row (rather than knitting them).

Work buttonhole as follows: Knit 12 stitches, cast off 8 stitches, knit to end. On following row, purl to cast-off stitches and cast on 8 stitches over the hole, using the “e” or thumb method. Purl to end of row.

Continue in SSĀ until piece measures 58″ in length. Cast off. Sew on three buttons: at 8.5″, 12.5″ and 16.5″ from cast on edge. Enjoy!

* Any smooth yarn will work for this piece. Simply use the needle recommended on the ball band, then take the gauge per inch and multiply times 19 inches. For example, if the gauge is 4 stitches to the inch, 4×19=76, so you would cast on 76 stitches.