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Go to our main webpage and you can find out Chat n Craft under Events and you will see it under On-going Events. www.joplinpubliclibrary.org

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I can’t believe I did not get these pictures posted. There is some really good stuff here. Enjoy!

Our first class for 2018 is going to be this crocheted sweater – chunkysweaterpockets

I will have handouts with the instructions at the meeting on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

Pattern is written in size S/M with L/XL and 2XL/3XL written in parenthesis. S/M (L/XL, 2XL/3XL). Sample shown is a size S/M. Because of the oversized style of the sweater, choosing a size is less about exact chest size and more about how loose you want your sweater to fit.

The oversized nature of this sweater will accommodate many body types. The sample pictured is a S/M on a model with a 36” bust.

Bust Size //  Length of Sweater from collar to bottom edge

S/M: 34-38.5” // 30.5”

L/XL: 39-44.5” // 33”

2XL/3XL: 45-50” // 35.5”

The picture above was made with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Tonal (Weight:5/bulky – 124 yards, 4 oz). They recommend buying 7 skeins for S/M, 9 skeins for L/XL and 10 skeins for 2XL/3XL. I went with a yarn that is not as bulky and figured out the yardage for the size I want to make and make sure I have enough yarn.

If this turns out to be as comfortable as it appears, I will be making more and will try different weight yarn. I look forward to seeing your color choices.

They recommend a size N (10mm) crochet hook

The full set of instructions –


For those of you who had to miss our January meeting this is the link to her video –


I found that I needed to watch the video a few times as I came to a different part of the pattern and I referred to the printed instructions often.

I crochet tight so I am making some modifications and I am going to make a 2nd one in a different color using a different size hook to see how it turns out.

Yes I am finally getting a moment to upload some pictures so those that could not make it can see some of the wonderful Show n Tell we have had at the meetings.

We got to see a HUGE doll house among some of the other Show n Tell. We had a few members that had not been with us for a few months. Christmas time can be rather busy for most of us. You will see some of the above craft projects again when they are completed.

It is always nice to see members come to laugh, tell stories and work on our craft projects. One member could not be at the meeting but wants to stay up on mystery crochet afghan so I met her at a sports bar. I am pretty sure they have never had a couple of crocheting ladies there before.


100_3738I can’t believe after all this talk about the new building that the groundbreaking has already happened this past September and we can drive by and seem work being done. We should be able to move in the spring of 2017. (I would not want to move in the winter anyway.)

We hopefully be able to have pictures and/or video of the going up of the building on our website. Check the new building page for updates.

As part of 2016 we are making changes to our Chat n Craft meeting. The major one being the night we meet on. We have had several members let me know that they could no longer come on the Monday we met. Some did not remember we changed the Monday in December because all of us were working on Christmas gifts and were busy getting ready for this Merry time of year.

I emailed the group and asked for their input and checked the Library calendar to find a night that would work. Hopefully the 1st Tuesday of every month will allow more of our blog followers and Chat n Craft members to attend the meetings.

Since I did not hear back about many classes they would like to see for this year, I thought a mystery crochet afghan would be fun for us to see what colors we are choosing and how it turns out. We normally have 6 classes a year. We will still have some classes. With me figuring out how to make the handouts for the afghan, I am running out of time to figure out that many classes so I can post them for you this month.

I hope to see some of the popular coloring pages being worked on during our meetings. One or two meetings will be on quilting. I will have several quilted throws, quillows and might even bring in some of my other quilts for a mini quilt show. If others are interested in bringing in their quilts let me know and we will firm up which months this is going to happen. I am leaning towards early summer at this time.

January will be the first of the mystery crochet afghan. Start thinking about the 4 colors that would look good together. Handouts will give you more info and I will demo the stitch.

Plus in January besides your other Show n Tell, please bring your favorite crafting tool. Anything for any type of craft. We will go around room to find out what your favorite tool is.

Like one of our members said, we should call our meeting – Chat, Craft & Laugh. We do have a lot of fun.


I am a little late getting these posted. Was able to take a 2.5 week vacation. I have some stories to tell when I see you at the next meeting.



This the the Viking Knitting Bracelet that we will see at the August class.100_3344

Here are the rest of the Show n Tell from July, 2014 meeting.

100_3345 100_3348 100_3350 100_3351 100_3352 100_3353 100_3354 100_3355 100_3356

Thanks all those that were able to make it to the meeting and for trying Needle Felting. Several great ideas and lots of fun. Here are some of the needle felting that were tried and some of the Show n Tell that was brought. Enjoy taking a look, I did.