We had our meeting last night and everyone was working on a different type of project. Crochet, plastic canvas, quilting, drawing and hairpin lace. Though I did not do much hairpin lacing during the meeting and did not take a picture of what I was working on.

This first group of pictures are from 2014

100_3369 100_3370 100_3371 100_3372 100_3373 100_3374 100_3375 100_3376 100_3377 100_3378 100_3379 100_3381 100_3520 100_3521 100_3522 100_3523 100_3524 100_3525 100_3526 100_3527 100_3528

These are from the January meeting:

100_3629 100_3630 100_3631 100_3632 100_3633 100_3635

This month we did not have as many ladies as we normally do but everyone had something. I took a picture off of a phone for one of these and then played with photo editing to make the stitches stand out more. Bet you will be able to figure out which. Plus I am posting a close up of some really tiny crocodile stitching that is going to be a bracelet after it is felted. I for one can’t wait to see the finished project.

100_2940x 100_2941x 100_2942x 100_2943x 100_2945tunisiannegative

100_2947x 100_2948x

100_2949x 100_2950x 100_2952x IMAG0017x IMAG0020x Shelli's ponchox

It feels like winter today, probably won’t tomorrow. That is Missouri for you. Don’t like the weather, just wait a day or two. Though I would rather have snow then ice any day.

What a wonderful variety of Show n Tell we had this month. Just take a look

babybooties cancozy crochet baby afghan crochet bedspread crochet curly scarf and half towel crochet granny squares crochethalfcloth dragon embroidery fabric letters Game player holder and scarf Game player holder outside glovesdishcloth

Can you guess what this is?

Can you guess what this is?

guesswho knitting needlpoint latchhook manpurse quilting antique blocks hand quilted quilting handpieced strip quilting scarfdishcloth